WhatsApp Has Coming With It's 5 New Features

Whatsapp has added many new features in the year 2018, which includes group video calling and mute features. With over 1.5 billion active users, WhatsApp is giving the best experience to the users. To fight spam, WhootSpe brings a new Suspicious Link Indicator feature. WhoseSpeed brings the forwarded label feature for forwarding message. So let us today introduce you to some new features that you may not know about yet.


5 New Features Of WhatsApp

1) The company has come up with a forward feature about what the message is about and what kind of it to be forwarded to. If the message sender will not have written then the forward message will be forwarded to the send message. This feature is for both Android and iOS. If the user copies the copy and sends directly to the device gallery, then the message of the forward message will not appear over the message.

2)  In the Notification panel, WhatsApp will soon add two new features that allow user chat to mute and read the app without opening it. This means that if the user receives repeated messages from a single chat, then he can read the message from the Notification panel without opening the app. The Notification panel just gives the option of reply.

3)  If you talk about the mute feature, you can mute the chat directly from the Notification panel. This feature is currently available on the Android Beta version 2.18.216.

4)  With the help of the WhatSpeed Media Visibility feature, you can keep control of one of the contacts and the group's media. Once you enter this window, you will be asked about the Media Visibility option in which it will be said whether you want to open from a newly downloaded media chat or gallery. With this feature, you can prevent filling of whitespace media in the gallery. So you can stop those things from coming to your gallery which you do not want. Media Viability can be found on the Beta Android version of 2.18.194.

 5)  WhatsApp Suspicious Link Detection is a feature that lets you recognize Fake News and messages. According to a WABetaInfo report, you will need to update in the Whatsapp version 2.18.221 to get this feature. With the help of this feature, if you have any link, then the Whatsapp will tell you whether it is a fake or a website.

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