How To Delete Duplicate Contact From Your Android Phones

Nowadays several of you're victimization golem devices and as we tend to all grasp golem is currently one of the leading smartphone OS. As golem renders several innovations for its user. therefore we tend to ar here with a method that you'll be able to merge out all of your duplicate contacts on your golem device. as a result of typically after you restore contacts from varied sources, then there's the associated origin of duplicate contacts and that is extremely perturbing.

How To Delete Duplicate Contact From Your Android Phones 

By Using App 

1) Firstly, download and install this app Simpler Merge Duplicates.

2) Now open the app on your device and then this app will start scanning all the contacts on your device.

3) Now you will see all the contacts that have their duplicate copies on your device.

4) Simply click on merge option and all the contacts with similar details and name will get removed from your device and only the unique copies of every contact will remain there.

5) That's all. 

By Using Gmail 

In the event that you would prefer not to introduce some outsider application to expel copy contacts at that point utilizing Gmail would be a convenient decision. You probably empowered the contact adjusting with Gmail to get to this element.

You need to open your Gmail account and from the drop-down, you need to select “Contacts” and all your contacts will be displayed.

Now you wish to click on notice Duplicates, and you'll see all of your duplicate contacts there. you only have to be compelled to click on duplicate contacts and may delete it. otherwise, you will merely merge it.

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