How To Open Google Chrome In Incognito Mode 24x7

Nowadays most of the user's area unit victimization Google Chrome browser for browsing websites. And this browser comes with a lot of inherent options that area unit such a lot useful for the users and the concealed mode is one among them. Most of you need to remember of this mode, let Maine indicate to people who area unit new this word.

In secret mode is the component by which you can peruse secretly finished your gadget as in this mode your history, reserve, and passwords and so forth are not put away in your gadget and once you close this mode everything gets erased. So it resembles private perusing yet you need to open it each opportunity to get to this component.

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How To Open Google Chrome In Incognito Mode 24x7

1) Firstly open your 'Google Chrome' program on your Windows PC. 

2)  Then Right Click on Google Chrome and then select the option "properties".

3)  Next, simply go to 'Start in' an end of the path add the code "-incognito".

4)  Now Google Chrome will open incognito mode every time. You can also fix this on your taskbar.

5)  Simply right-click on Google Chrome icon and click on "Pin to taskbar".

6) Finally, all process is done. Now, whenever you open chrome it will open in incognito mode and you will easily browse privately on your PC.

So, this was the trick how you can open google chrome in incognito mode 24x7.

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