How To Change The Color Of Any Android Smartphone

Hello Friend's, today I will show you how can we change the color on our Android devices.  So this is your smartphone, it will be colorful. Whatever happens to a man, he likes everything other than him.
Earlier, when Nokia 1100 was used in a pocket, then it would have been a colorful phone. Now when there is a smartphone in the pocket, the chaos of the old period wakes up. 'Nostalgia' disease Think, how cute is that 'black and white' phone is ours What if you make your smartphone 'Black and White'? Occasionally to change the mood. A very easy way to do this. Go down and see the screenshot below. In a second, the phone will give a black-white feel.

How To Change The Color Of Any Smartphone

1)  This is the phone's screen. Colorful Is like that. After completing all the steps you will see this screen black and white.

2)  Inside the phone, you have to come to 'Settings'.

3)  If you already have 'Developer Options', there is no need to click on the phone. You can leave this step and go straight to Developer Options. If not, then tap on the about phone to go in.

4)  You have to tap into this option of 'build number'. Developer option will be visible after taping 'build number' seven times.

5)  Now Open the 'Developer Option'.

6)  Then find the 'hardware accelerated setting' option and tap on 'Simulate Color Space'.

7)  There will be visible options in the picture. Selecting monochrome in it will make your phone black and white.

So, this is the method of changing your color to black and white screen. 

iPhone users also, change their color but in this article, I have only told about Android Users. If Anyone interested in changing color in iPhone also simply comments below I will also tell them in a new article.

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Full Tutorial - 

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