Amazing Facts About YouTube

Everyone uses YouTube today Whether to watch a new movie trailer or listen to a new song, YouTube is a tool where users get to see all kinds of videos and old songs and movies from old. But did you know that YouTube is not the only means of watching videos? Rather, many fun things can be done. There are many interesting things related to YouTube that you have never heard before and probably will not have read. Today we are going to tell you some words that write many fun facts on YouTube.

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Facts Of YouTube - 

Use the Force Luke: 

By writing this sentence, all the videos and letters on YouTube will start moving automatically. From the screenshot below, you will be able to understand a bit to understand how YouTube will look like this.

Doge meme:

Have you ever seen YouTube colorful? If not, then these words will help you. When you search on YouTube, YouTube color becomes variegated. The screenshot below is given below. 

Turn Off Auto Play:

If you are troubled by the auto-play videos that run on YouTube, slide the auto-play option given to the right of the page. This will not play video auto-play.

How to Watch Age-restricted Videos:

If you want to watch Age-restricted videos then we also have a trick for this. Watch the video in URL Remove After that replace v = with v /. By doing so the video will start playing.

Play keyboard shortcuts YouTube:

It is possible if you want to play YouTube videos with the keyboard.

K = play / pause
J = To rewind video 10 seconds
L = To make the video 10 seconds fast-forward
M = to mute the video

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