How To Use Android As Mouse And Keyboard Both

Android is an exceptionally brilliant gadget which gives loads of highlight to its client. An Android working framework is most broadly utilized as a part of the world and there are bunches of applications that are being produced to keep running on this OS that makes it more easy to use.

So. in this post, we will be talking about one of the elements. You can utilize your android gadget to work it as a mouse and console for your portable workstation and PCs etc.

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How To Use Android As Keyboard And Mouse Both

This is an exceptionally cool actualize as you will be utilizing your android gadget as a PC controller in your grasp and even remotely. What's more, this will help you to control PC from over a separation.

1)  Intel Remote Keyboard

Setup Intel Remote Keyboard

a) Download Intel Remote Keyboard on your Android device or tablet.

b) Download and install the Intel Remote Keyboard Host on your Windows PC. You will need to choose x86 or x64 depending on your Windows. If you aren’t sure what you are running, there are four easy ways to know if you’re on 64-bit Windows.

Note:  Make sure your Android and Windows devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

c) On your Android phone, tap the Windows device name.

d) Your Windows PC will now show a large QR code. Just scan it with your Android phone’s camera (following the on-screen instructions) and the two devices will be paired.

e) All Set!

You Can Do

The application is fundamentally a virtual trackpad and console for your PC. You can utilize it in picture or scene mode.

In picture mode, your screen is separated into the trackpad zone on the best and console at the base. Intel's console looks much like any Android console, yet additionally has a Windows catch, an Esc catch, and the four bolt keys.

2)  Using Remote Mouse

Remote Mouse turns your itinerant or pulls into a wireless easy device for your pc. It’ll surprise you with absolutely simulated touchpad, keyboard and featured remote panels that create your remote expertise easy and economical.

a)  First of all, you need to download Remote Mouse client on your Windows computer. Simply, visit here and download and install it.

b)  Next, you have to download Remote Mouse application on your Android cell phone.

c)  Make sure your phone and computer are connected to the same wifi network. Open the Android app, and you will see your computer there.

d)  Your Android app will show you the screen like below. It was a mouse trackpad. Simply move your fingers there.

e)   Now if you want to open up the keyboard then simply tap on the keyboard and start typing.

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