How To Hide Any Type Of Files and Folders On Android Without Using Third Party App

Hello Friends, Today I will tell you about how to hide any type of file and folder on your Android device without using third party app.  We often share our smartphone with individuals for a few reasons. At an equivalent time, we've got to safeguard the privacy and security of the content on the phone. If you're Associate in Nursing mechanical man user, there are many applications out there on the Google Play store that may be wont to hide files and folders. It takes some megabytes of your RAM and storage. it's not a difficulty if you've got plenty of memory or storage however once it’s too low, you can’t afford to put in new applications. 

In any case, there is a basic answer for you in the event that you would prefer not to introduce any new application to ensure your information. In this instructional exercise, I will say a basic trap for concealing documents and envelopes on Android OS without introducing an outside application. 

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How To Hide Files And Folders On Android Device 

Simply Follow These Steps To Hide Files and Folders  

1)  Firstly go to File manager or File manager. each Android device comes with a default file manager app, therefore, you don’t get to install a replacement one.

2)  Produce(Create)  a replacement folder and move all of your personal content(data) in it.

3)  Currently, you wish to rename your folder by simply adding a dot (.) before the name of your folder.

Like - If your folder name is,  Videos rename it to .Videos.

4)  By doing that your folder can disappear. You don’t get to worry regarding it as a result of it's simply hidden within the device. you may have full access to that sort of a traditional folder.

5)  Presently keeping in mind the end goal to see your organizer, you simply need to unhide it or select show shrouded records and envelopes alternative. You will find that choice by squeezing the menu alternative in a document supervisor and choosing show concealed organizer.

So, This is the best way to hide your personal files in a  folder while not victimization any third party application on your Android device.

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