Premium Features found in Budget Phone from Smart Assesories

Smartphones are often the first choice of people because they have good cameras, more features, and waterproof features. Because of the high cost of smartphones, peoples choke their chances. But do you know that there are so many accessories in the market that can give your budget phone a premium phone - like feature?  Today we are going to talk about them. So let's start.

Camera Lens -

The first thing to do is a lens, which extends the camera quality. Camera lenses can be purchased from the international market to the online market. Their price starts at Rs 250. There are so many lenses that help group selfies and draw photos away. UNIVERSAL 4 IN 1 MOBILE LENS KIT there is a similar lens kit in which two lenses are given. Fine photos can be clicked by fitting these camera lenses to the budget phone. It is given a clip to put it on the phone, which is very easy on the phone is less than one second.

Phone Tripod -

Most People resort to selfie stick to take a selfie with the phone camera. However, because of handcuffs or shaking, their selfies get spoiled. Users can use 'Phone Tripod' to avoid this problem. On an e-commerce website, such a stand is available on an average of Rs 500. After placing on the 'Phone Tripod, it can be placed on the floor or table. Its height can be reduced and extended according to its requirement. This stand can be easily hung on the pillar and tree.

Selfe Flash Light -

Most of the new phones are giving LED flashlight backward. The flashlight is not given the same way forward. It is not that there is no flashlight on the front but it comes inexpensive phones. There are some e-commerce websites that offer flashlight separately. With the flashlight you get in the market, you can also click a great photo in a dark or low light. Reads to put Selfie Flashlight on the phone in the new jack given for earphone. This light turns on automatically when you take a photo. 

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