How To Install TOR On Your Android Smartphones

Hello Friends, Today I will tell you about something amazing. All of you are using the browser but those browsers are very normal browsers but in this article, I will tell you about TOR browsing which is used for the hacking purpose. 

We all comprehend the Deep we have a tendency top and Darknet. therein article, we've got shown the approach you'll be able to access the deep net and darknet with the assistance of your Windows, Linux, and raincoat machines. we've got newer shown you the approach you'll be able to install TOR on smartphones.Whenever we surf Dark web we should be having the maximum security and this can be done using Proxy Server it can be easy for you to visit any website. If you don’t know what is proxy server let me explain you in short.  

What is Proxy?

If you visit any website it tracks your informatics address it depends on the website admin whether or not he install the code to trace you. Now, suppose you're in India and need to go to any website that is within the USA. you'll be able to use the proxy server and it'll show the location admit that you just are visiting the location of metropolis rather than India

The user interface of the TOR browser is a bit different and it looks like Mozilla Firefox which is for Android device. You can install the TOR on your device.

How to install TOR On Android Smartphone 

#Firstly you will download Orbot from play store.  

Install and Open the application then you will see a Start Button click on it and wait for the service to get started on your device.

#Next, If you press menu button you can change your proxy server details.

#This application may need the SuperUser access to grant it.

You can also install the TOR Proxy to the specific application and you can also set the Google Chrome and set the proxy. Just reboot your device and done.

#Open the application and check your IP address by opening Google. You will see a different IP address. 

Click on the browse button to visit any website and now your IP address won’t be tracked.

I hope you love this article. Please Share this article with your friends and do let them know about this amazing TOR browser which they can install and use it on Android devices

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