Now You Can Send Money Via Email Attachment (Gmail for Android)

Now You Can Send Money Via Email Attachment - 

Now you can send money with the latest technology. You can send money with not too any kind of apk like phone pepaytmbheem and many other applications. 

Nowadays everyone uses Gmail application. Now you can send money with the help of Gmail application on any Android device. When you can send any message to your friend or others in Gmail you can see a button of attachment.  With the help of attachment button, you can attach a file, photo or any important document. Now One button is added in attachment button is "Send Money". 

Google on Tuesday introduced the ability to request and send money via Gmail. The ability that was first only available on The Web, has now arrived on the Android app as well. Now User can tap on the Attachment button in the Gmail for Android application, and click on the Send Money option to transfer money easily using the Google Wallet. 

On the Web, there's a little $ icon next to the compose button that lets you transfer money. On the Android app, it's hidden underneath the attachment button that previously only let you attach file, photos, videos and other things to email. It makes use of all the Google Wallet available on all  Android mobiles, and makes sending money easier.

The method o transfer money is really easy, and you just have to tap on the Attachment button and select a new option called Send Money. The Send Money option lets you request for cash too, and the recipient will receive the money without the need to install an extra app. Now you can refill your Google Wallet using your debit/credit cards, and then send money as an attachment to any Gmail Android and web user across the world.  

This feature of sending money via Gmail is unfortunately not available for IOS users yet but is should presumably arrive soon. Also, it's worth noting that the feature has only been made life for US users only. 

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