Now You Can Recall Your Messages In WhatsApp

Now you can recall your messages, voice, and editing in WhatsApp are coming soon.....

                                        Mostly we can send personal messages to other people in WhatsApp.  Then we can feel bad and think his message is not comfortable to that person. But now a solution is coming soon very fastly. We will edit messages and send again write a message which is comfortable to that person. 
                                                Now WhatsApp is launching a new feature. With this feature, users can edit send messages and recall it. This feature is very helpful to all WhatsApp users.

New Feature in WhatsApp -

Connecting to your friend. WhatsApp will add a new feature in this feature you can connect your friend in any anytime, friends anywhere. You can track friends' location in every time. With this feature, you can show your location to your friends. Live Location Tracking is the name of the new feature in WhatsApp. This feature tracks your real-time location. People who are in more privacy now they will active.


This feature is not difficult to us because location disables is also available in this feature. You can disable your location and use your Whatsapp without any problem.

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