New Amazing Pixel Live Earth Wallpapers On Your Android Phones

Hello friends nowadays, I will be able to tell you concerning one thing new and superb Pixels Live Earth Wallpapers for your robot device. once Google Launched his new device referred to as Google component at that point they needed to be distinctive in each term.

Some story behind it - 

There are many phones launched, but all are same. When Google launched is their phones. Then it would be common it would be looking like the Nexus series.
                         Google recently launched Google Pixel phone in which they came up with newly redesigned wallpapers in which amazing and Real HD Wallpapers were available for your Android devices.

These wallpapers are movable I mean that when you will move your device even these wallpapers will be moving. This is one of the most beat features of these wallpapers.

Get the Pixel's New Amazing Live Wallpapers On Your Android Phones

This Wallpaper Pack is ported by one of the XDA developers, and this wallpaper pack is working only with the arm 64 devices.
                                             This wallpaper pack is working in Android version 6.0 and 7.0.But for now, it is working only in arm 64 devices.

Now, let's get started with the guide of how to enjoy the pixel's New and Amazing Live Earth Wallpaper on Your Android Device.

How to Check Your phone is supportable or not?

Firstly download and install Hardware Info application from Play Store.


Then click on Processor, then you will see your phone is supported or nor.

Note: Armv7 - Arm device is supported now.

How to Get The Pixel's New Amazing Live Earth Wallpapers On Your Android Phones - 

Download and Install the Live Wallpaper On Your Android Device

     Download for ARM64 devices 

     WallpapersBReel 7.0 for arm devices

     Download for x86 32 bit devices 

     Download for x86 64 bit devices

If you want to enjoy live wallpaper for Android 6.0 download it from here

  Click here to download 

Now, install the application on your Android device.

Now, hold on the screen and then you will get a change wallpaper option.

Select Live Wallpaper and modify the Wallpaper according to your choice and enjoy.

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