How To Add Whatsapp Sharing Button To Blogger

How To Add Whatsapp Sharing Button To Blogger  - 

Whatsapp have nearly 1 billion active users globally and 90 million users in India itself.

Whatsapp sharing button is recommended for your blog to grow up your blog’s traffic. Here today TechVeda will discuss a trick is  "how to add Whatsapp sharing button to Blogger".

Adding Whatsapp Button To Blogger - 

Before going to provide the codes, first, you have to decide where you want to appear the Whatsapp Button in your blog when someone visits your site in mobile devices or From Desktop. 

It is Better, please find the codes where you have added Facebook and Google+ sharing buttons, now add the given code with your already existing codes. Now your Whatsapp button will appear with your previous buttons.

You should take a look at your blogger template before going forward.

1. Go the Template section of your blog and click on ‘Edit Html

2. Find your previous sharing buttons (ctrl+f and then type twitter or facebook).

3. Add the below codes with the previous buttons, be careful with the codes.

(Copy Blue texted Code from below and paste as your requirement)

<!– Whatsapp Share Buttons Start –>
<script type=’text/javascript’>if(typeof wabtn4fg===&quot;undefined&quot;){wabtn4fg=1;h=document.head||document.getElementsByTagName(&quot;head&quot;)[0],s=document.createElement(&quot;script&quot;);s.type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;;s.src=&quot;;;h.appendChild(s);}</script>
<a class=’wa_btn wa_btn_s‘ expr:data-href=’data:post.url’ expr:data-text=’data:post.title’ href=’whatsapp://send’ style=’display:none’>Share</a>
<!– Whatsapp Share Buttons End –>

4. Before saving, Preview the template, if everything is fine then Save it and view a post of your blog on a mobile device running Android.


The above code will give a Small WhatsApp button to your Blogger blog if you want to add a medium or large button change the code in Bold fonts with

wa_btn_m (Medium WhatsApp button)


wa_btn_l (Large WhatsApp button).

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