5 Best Free Calling Apps For Android Phones

Top 10 free calling apps for android mobile, every time hottest calling app for android phones, all-time free calling apps for all smartphones.

Best Free Calling Apps for Android - 
                                                                                     I will tell you about top free calling apps for android, which you can use for making free calls to anyone. There are many good apps which can help you to make Free calling on your Android device. Some free calling apps for android which works via an internet connection.
                      You can enjoy these calling apps for Android on your mobile for free. These calling apps can work without any issues if you have fast Internet connection speed. You can simply try out these apps now from below and enjoy them without any problems or issues.

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Top 5 Free Calling Apps for Android Mobiles -

2.   Facebook
3.   Skype
4.   IMO
5.   Line

1.     WhatsApp
Whatsapp is one of the most and best Android app these days. With the help of this app, you can chat with your friends or family members easily. Now WhatsApp also supports video calling feature. In few days WhatsApp comes with new feature like you can edit and recall your SMS or voice calling msgs. WhatsApp Support many operators system like Windows, Android, iPhone devices. So simply download WhatsApp on your device and enjoy free calling right now.

Features of WhatsApp - 

a)  Free Calling in Lower Internet Connection.

b)  No International Charger - Free Call to anyone, anytime to any Country.

c)  Also, Support Video Calling.

2.     Facebook
                       Nowadays, Facebook one of the most popular Website. Almost every person who uses the Internet is using Facebook. Facebook is very popular social media website for a chat with friends, commenting on other people status and you can do much more things with the help in this. You can do audio calling with your friends and family.

Features of Facebook -

Supports both Audio/Video Calling.

b)    Send Stickers with your friends while Chat.

c)    Instantly Call to any friend is he/she is online.

3.     Skype                  
                 Skype is the best software ever which people use on their PC for a chat with Clients or friends. Skype have tons of great features which you can enjoy. So you can try out Skype Android app on your Android device and enjoy this awesome app for free for doing audio/video calling with others.

Features of Skype

a)   Group Calling - Add Many friends on a single call and enjoy conference call over the internet for free.

b)   Call to landline or phone in very low price.

c)    Available for All platforms including Mac, Windows PC, Android, IOS, Windows Phones etc.

4.    IMO
               You can also chat with your friends while using IMO app on your device. If you are missing your loved one, you can do calling to them for free with the help of Working Internet connection. There are many people using IMO here in India Especially for doing video calling with friends because it works on even very slow internet connection.

Features of IMO

a)    Supports Video calling even in Lower Internet Connection.

b)    Group chat with multiple friends, send imaged, videos to friends.

c)    Encrypted chats and calls.

5.     Line
                 Lime is a very popular Android app in India. This app has tons of new and cool stickers, which you can send to your friends and have a great conversation with them. You have to sign up or login with your phone no. in this app and enjoy it.

Feature of Line

a)    Share your status on your Timeline like Facebook.

b)    Make group calls to up to 200 People at once.

c)     Also, support International calls for Free.

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