UC Browser Refer and Earn – Get Rs 10 Joining Bonus + Rs 20 For Invite

UC Browser Loot, UC Browser Refer Code, UC browser refer and earn – Hello everyone finally UC Browser came with another offer where the user can get Free Paytm cash just by inviting their friends. This offer is applicable for all UC browser user. You can earn unlimited Free Paytm cash just by this campaign. This offer is Valid For Limited Time So Start Referring Your Friends and earn higher cash.

How To Get Unlimited Paytm Cash From UC Refer and Earn –

• Download Uc Browser App From Play Store or Visit Here.

• Now install and Open App.

• Visit “Profile Section” and Sign n with Facebook or Google Account for eligible for this Refer and earn campaign.

• Now Open Coin Center.

• On Next Page Click On “Enter The Invite Code” to Get Rs.10 Sign-up Bonus.

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• Enter Refer Code – 82KMUP

• Now You Have Rs 10 in Your Account and Minimum Redemption is Rs 200.

How to redeem cash?

You can redeem your money by following steps:

Step 1: click your coins on the page of “Coins Center”.

Step 2: exchange your UC coins for cash.

Step 3: click the button to “Redeem”.

Step 4: fill and submit your information correctly.

Step 5: you’ll get the money in your bank account within 1-15 days.

UC Browser Campaign Rules –

You can earn 20000 coins which equal Rs.20 when you invite a new user to join UC Browser.

The coins will be credited to your account after your friends enter the invitation code.

You can earn 1000 coins which equal Rs.1 when your friends invite another friend to join UC Browser.

It’s unlimited, the more you invite, the more you earn.

UC Browser FAQ –

What are coins?

Coins are virtual currency in UC Browser. There are various ways to get coins that you can find in coins center. And you can exchange coins to real money or other gifts such as data and vouchers.

Why refer friends?

Referring friends is the easiest way to earn coins. You can earn up to 20000 coins for inviting one friend.

How to invite friends?

You can share your unique link and invitation code to your friends by WhatsApp or Facebook. Then you can earn 20000 coins and your friend can earn a bonus up to Rs.100 when they complete the following steps:

Step 1: click your invite link.

Step 2: install the UC Browser.

Step 3: open the UC Browser and enter your invitation code.

Why did I not get 20000 coins?

1. Make sure your friend has installed UC Browser through your unique invitation link.

2. Make sure your friend has entered your unique invitation code.

Why can’t I enter the invitation code?

Only if the user was invited and he/she is a new user of UC Browser can enter the invitation code. And each device, each account can be invited only once.

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How To Delete Duplicate Contact From Your Android Phones

Nowadays several of you're victimization golem devices and as we tend to all grasp golem is currently one of the leading smartphone OS. As golem renders several innovations for its user. therefore we tend to ar here with a method that you'll be able to merge out all of your duplicate contacts on your golem device. as a result of typically after you restore contacts from varied sources, then there's the associated origin of duplicate contacts and that is extremely perturbing.

How To Delete Duplicate Contact From Your Android Phones 

By Using App 

1) Firstly, download and install this app Simpler Merge Duplicates.

2) Now open the app on your device and then this app will start scanning all the contacts on your device.

3) Now you will see all the contacts that have their duplicate copies on your device.

4) Simply click on merge option and all the contacts with similar details and name will get removed from your device and only the unique copies of every contact will remain there.

5) That's all. 

By Using Gmail 

In the event that you would prefer not to introduce some outsider application to expel copy contacts at that point utilizing Gmail would be a convenient decision. You probably empowered the contact adjusting with Gmail to get to this element.

You need to open your Gmail account and from the drop-down, you need to select “Contacts” and all your contacts will be displayed.

Now you wish to click on notice Duplicates, and you'll see all of your duplicate contacts there. you only have to be compelled to click on duplicate contacts and may delete it. otherwise, you will merely merge it.

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Increase Your Mcent Browser Points with 100% Working

Mcent Browser Loot, Mcent Browser Free Recharge, mCent Browser script, Mcent Browser Unlimited Trick: Sign up & Get Rs 10 Free Recharge Instantly. Hi, guys hope you Guys are enjoying Free Recharge tricks and Free Paytm cash tricks. Today SN Tricks bring new recharge trick from where you can earn free talk time just by surfing browser online. Download Mcent browser and get Rs 9/ refer. 

MCent Browser - 

mCent has built the world’s first browser that rewards users with free recharge. We’ve introduced a new, better way to browse the internet! Now, you can earn free mobile data recharge just for visiting all the websites you know and love!

How to Get Unlimited Recharge from Mcent Browser?

1. First Download mCent Browser. Click here to download 

2. Now Open mCent Browser and Enter Your 10 Digits Phone No. & Click On Verify.

3. Now submit your OTP and click on Submit.

4. On Homepage, you get Signup Bonus (Points)

5. Browse daily to collect Points.

1000 Points = ₹1

You will also get daily 50 points as Daily Rewards.

6. Once you reached 10000 points you will get ₹10 recharge instantly.

MCent Browser Unlimited Trick –

• Open your mCent Browser

• Copy this script and paste it into mCent Browser


• Now run this Script.

Put mCent Browser on background, Script will increase your points.

Proof - 

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Download Latest Version Of YOWhatsApp Apk

As we tend to all apprehend, social media and instant electronic communication app like Facebook courier, WhatsApp, wire and additional became a neighborhood of our life. The craze of those instant electronic communication app has grown up to the extent that we tend to can’t even survive every day while not it. for instance, the primary issue we tend to do once wakening is to visualize the moment electronic communication app.

YoWhatsApp apk is the adjusted adaptation of WhatsApp application that is made by a portion of the outsider engineers. Be that as it may, the altered rendition has some selective highlights which make it super addictive.  YoWhatsApp accompanies some great highlights like concealing the blue ticks, concealing the second ticks, changing the visit subjects, inbuilt application bolt and substantially more.

Features Of YOWhatsApp Apk - 

1) Infinity Themes: This is extraordinary compared to other highlights of YOWA Apk, the most recent form of YOWhatsApp accompanies boundless topics which you can use to change the design at whatever point you need to and that too for boundless circumstances. Is it safe to say that it isn't was cool? 

2) Privacy Options: With the most recent adaptation of YOWA, You can conceal your online status. All things considered, concealing the status is additionally accessible in the authority application. Be that as it may, you can likewise shroud the blue ticks, conceal the twofold ticks, composing status with YoWhatsapp. 

3) Application Lock: Don't mistake the component for other application secure applications accessible Google Play Store. This application secure works an alternate way. With this component, you can secure your talks with the assistance of Pattern or PIN or Password or Fingerprint insurance. 

4) Call Filter: Well, with the assistance of YOWhatsApp, you can sift through who can influence you to call and who can't independently. In this way, if a person is exasperating you by calling over and over at that point, you can just square them from calling you in the WhatsApp itself. 

5) Share Your Images Without Compression: Well, WhatsApp packs the pictures previously sending which spares information and utilize less capacity on Phone. Be that as it may, no one enjoys those low-quality pictures. Along these lines, the adjusted variant of WhatsApp really let you send pictures without pressure. In this way, you can appreciate full determination pictures.

Download YOWhatsApp from here: Click here to downlaod 

Some Questions Related To YOWhatsApp 

Ques.  Can I use both YOWhatsApp or Official WhatsApp?
Ans.  Yes, you can use both the apps simultaneously on your Android Phone.

Ques.  Can I use the same mobile number for both apps?
Ans.  No, you can't use the same mobile number for both apps.

Ques.  YOWhtasApp is same or not?
Ans.  Yes, because this is the modified version of WhatsApp.

Some Screenshots Of YOWhatsApp 



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How To Install And Use Face Unlock On Any Android Device

Nowadays we love Android mechanical man software package is that the custom things that it supports as from low-cost to high budget phone you'll be able to add innumerable options simply victimization the third party apps that square measure currently obtainable within the market.

You should know about Face open component that for the most part comes inexpensive cell phones like iPhone X and so forth. In any case, here and there we are not ready to but rather such devices that is the reason I'm composing this guide will enable you to include that Face Unlock highlight in any of your androids and that too utilizing one basic application that will help you to include this component in your framework settings.

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How To Install And Use Face Unlock On Any Android Device

1)  Firstly download and install IObit Applock: Fingerprint And Facelock on your android phone.

2)  Then open your app and set a pattern. 

3)  Now on the top left of the app click on the three lines button and select Face Unlock option and you will app will start downloading Face unlock database to start it.


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4)  Now, it will Download AI Database. After completing AI Database simply click on Enable Now button. 

5)  Finally, you can lock any app and your Screen Lock also. 

So, by this trick, you can use "Face Lock Feature On Any Android Device" without any issue. 

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Top 10 Private Search Engines That Doesn't Track You

On this worldwide internet, there area unit various organizations World Health Organization area unit ready to appear once this world’s huge network as a result of during this network unauthorized activities may happen which may involve hacking and coercion, etc. thus there area unit some spy organizations that area unit established to trace the users World Health Organization area unit mistreatment the web on their devices.

Top 10 Private Search Engine That Doesn't Track You 

1)  DuckDuckGo 

DuckDuckGo does not collect or share personal information. That is their privacy policy in a nutshell.

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2)  Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram|Alpha acquaints an in a general sense new route with find learning and solutions—not via looking through the web, but rather by doing dynamic calculations in light of an immense accumulation of inherent information, calculations, and techniques.

3)  StartPage 

This web index gives perusing through an intermediary server which wipes out sites from following your IP Address or area.

4)  Disconnect Search 

This website uses Google, Bing and Your content search assistance.

5)  Swiss cows

swisscows.com even will while not unnumerable analyses of their guests. Their topics, information processing addresses, and private info don't hold be held on or used for any extra business.

6)  GigaBlast

Gigablast is one of those destinations which files billions of website pages and gives data without following your perusing history.

7)  MetaGer

If you would like to form confidential untraceable searches then MetaGer may be a good selection as a result of this computer programme doesn’t leave any footprints.

8)  Oscobo

You can utilize Oscobo to look for pictures, recordings, and news. Not just these, Oscobo likewise offers a chrome augmentation for making looks.

9)  Blekko

This is not really a whole non-public programme as a result of it logs in person specifiable data, however, deletes it within forty-eight hours. On the opposite hand, Google stores this data for nine months then anonymizes it while not deleting it.

10)  Lukol 

Lukol is a standout amongst other private web crawlers that shields clients from online fraudsters and keeps spammers away.

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New Version Of Opera 51 Released - It's 38% Faster Than Firefox 58

If we have a tendency to point out an internet browser, with none doubt, Google Chrome was the primary one to hit our mind. Recently, Mozilla triggered the browser war with the discharge of Firefox 58 that is additionally called Firefox Quantum.

New Version Of Opera 51 is 38% faster than Firefox 58 

As per designers, Opera 51 was around 38% speedier than Firefox 58 when tried on HP ghost running Windows 10 Operating framework this is on the grounds that Opera 51's Windows variant is accumulated with Clang.

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Opera 51 also includes a tool to block crypto jacking on people's Computers.

The browser has so many features like - 

  1. Click the tab to scroll
  2. Import bookmarks added in bookmarks manager
  3. Collapsible lists of opened and closed tabs in tabs menu
  4. Private mode style updated
  5. “Back to tab” button for video pop-out
  6. Allow all sites to use Flash
  7. Safely and easily reset browser settings
  8. Preferences backup
  9. Desktop wallpaper in Opera

Opera 51 is powered by a fine-tuned version of Chromium 64.For the individuals who need to attempt the most recent Opera 51 program need to go to the Opera's blog.

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How Can I Make My Pen Drive Password Protected In Windows 10/8/7/XP

Today during this computer atmosphere, everything relies on information alteration that you simply functions inside the compact memory device that's the memory card, pen drives, and drive etc. however generally sure media memory device contains in sensitive information that we would not aim to share with anyone so at such purpose, we've to carry our information protected in these manageable drives.

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How Can I Make My Pen Drive Password Protected In Windows 10/8/7/XP

In this article, I mentioned 2 Methods to protect your pen drive with a password.

Method 1

To protect USB Pen Drive With Password Using BitLock

1)  Firstly. insert USB Pen drive into your computer. Then right-click on the drive and select Turn on BitLocker. 

2)  Click on Use password to protect the drive. Then enter the password. 

3)  Now click on next and next and print or save the key for future reference. 

4)  Now encryption process will start and your drive will get secured with the password that you have set.

This is the easiest method to set the password on your pen drive.

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Method 2

Protect USB Pen Drive With Using Wondershare

1)  Firstly, download and install Wondershare USB Drive Encryption.

2)  Insert your pen drive into your computer and open the software.  Then select your drive in the program. Now click on the Install button.

3)  Now enter the username and password that you want to set your Pen drive.

Then click on Ok button and all process are done. 

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